Nonprofit Insurance Specialists

We address issues that “generalists” often do not. As specialists, we have access to more carriers and competitive pricing.

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As a Nonprofit Insurance specialist with 20 years’ experience insuring nonprofits, we almost always find ways to help you reduce your cost, increase your protection, and improve customer service.

Our nonprofit clients range from social service agencies including ARC’s, cerebral palsy, autistic, and mental health agencies to advocacy organizations, halfway houses, affordable housing, and YMCA/YWCA programs.

We address issues that “generalists” often do not. As specialists, we have access to more carriers and competitive pricing.


For example, we are partnering with Omnisure Risk Consulting to offer a higher level Risk Management services to our nonprofit clients. The program is designed to address issues faced by nonprofits that most insurance carrier’s loss control departments tend to avoid. We’ll provide you with risk management solutions that help you avoid lawsuits, negative public exposure and costly insurance claims.


Our goal is to help nonprofit executives understand what insurance they are buying and provide hands-on customer service from risk management to claims. Issues we address include:


  • Exposure analysis including directors and officers, sexual abuse and molestation, professional liability, and general liability
  • Risk financing strategy consultation
  • CARF accreditation support
  • Property valuations to ensure proper coverage
  • Claims, loss control, and risk management support
  • Employee benefits, administration, and communications

As an insurance broker that specializes in working with nonprofits, we can give you a “second opinion” on your insurance program.

You will know more about where you stand with your insurance coverage, so you have what you need to protect your organization.


Eight questions you need to answer about nonprofit insurance coverage:


  1. What are the unique coverages nonprofits need?
  2. What coverages do agencies need for Danielle’s Law?
  3. What are the benefits for a nonprofit organization to work with a nonprofit insurance specialist?
  4. Why is Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance important for nonprofits?
  5. How is the business model for nonprofits changing in New Jersey?
  6. How is the emergence of affordable housing affecting insurance for nonprofits?
  7. Do most nonprofits have enough insurance coverage?
  8. How does Meeker Sharkey & Hurley handle claims differently than a larger agency?

Answers:  Click HERE


Employee Benefits for Nonprofits

MS&H is dedicated and experienced in serving nonprofit organizations like yours.  If you are trying to make a decision about your Employee Benefits program, we can help you.

Giving Back to our Community

Alternatives Inc.

“On behalf of all of us here at Alternatives let me thank you and your team for the fantastic job that you did landscaping our home in Hillsborough.  Meeker Sharkey & Hurley are wonderful partners in our success and we appreciate this additional effort.

Alternatives is proud of its enduring reputation for assisting people with special needs achieve personal independence.  Since 1979, our agency has helped countless individuals break from lives of institutionalization, live among the community, gain employment, and explore recreational activities that foster greater self-confidence.

As you can imagine, it takes tremendous resources to accomplish such change.  That is why volunteers are so important to our individuals.  By giving of your time so generously, Alternatives is ensuring that our clients not only receive their needs but also experience their dreams.

Thank you again for opening your hearts and giving the individuals that we serve an opportunity to live somewhere they are proud to call home.”

Anita Feiner, Director of Development