Financial Services and Institutions

Your business is no stranger to risk. In an environment featuring stiffer competition and more regulation than ever before, the...

Bank SignYour business is no stranger to risk. In an environment featuring stiffer competition and more regulation than ever before, the risk is increasing to protect your rewards.

As the financial services and banking industries change, you need an insurance professional for your organization’s evolving risk. We offer insurance solutions specifically designed to address a financial service company’s needs.

  • Community Banks
  • Asset Managers
  • Investment Companies
  • Credit Unions
  • Credit Card Processors
  • Financial Planners
  • Trust Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Mortgage Companies

As you adapt your institution’s operations and services to stay ahead of the curve, you could also be compounding its vulnerability to a wide variety of financial threats: from common slip-and-fall claims to far more complex, evolving, and perhaps unknown perils that may lurk over the horizon.

As a financial services business, the type of insurance coverage best suited to your organization depends on your area of expertise and the clients you serve. We offer solutions from industry leading insurance carriers including:

  • Banker’s Professional Liability
  • Directors & Officers (D&O)
  • Errors & Omissions (E&O)
  • Employment Practices Liability (EPL)
  • Financial Institutions Bond
  • Fiduciary Liability Insurance
  • Property & Business
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Kidnap / Ransom & Extortion
  • Mortgagee’s Errors & Omissions

Emerging Risks, Cyber Liability and Information Risks

If your company relies on computer networks to run its business, your current liability coverage may not be adequate. Leading carriers are offering coverage when a security breach results in a claim.

After understanding your needs, we offer industry leading cyber liability coverage. Offering both first- and third- party coverage, our partner carriers provide information risk products that set high standards of network security, content and privacy liability protection coverages critical to businesses of all types.

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