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“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence” – Vince Lombardi

shutterstock_125095022Why Meeker Sharkey & Hurley

The overall cost direction of medical care continues to increase.  In order to best stabilize trend, emphasis must be placed on topics such as cost-shifting, defined contribution approach, reference based pricing, wellness initiatives, benefits administration outsourcing, and voluntary benefits usage.


Also, healthcare reform is in a current state of flux and will need to be closely watched as government continues their attempts in overhauling the current mandate.  The regulatory landscape will require a close eye ready to take action should new regulations be enacted.


Meeker Sharkey & Hurley is well positioned to explore every option and to prioritize the most impactful options and implement them on a timely basis.


Meeker Sharkey & Hurley understands that while clients appreciate effort, they expect results and as a full-service employee benefits practice, we will deliver a strategy putting the client first while implementing a consultative approach.  We are not just a broker, but a valued partner to our clients.


Client Retention Strategy:

Meeker Sharkey & Hurley understands the management of a benefits program is a continuous process.  We look at your needs and provide a strategy specific to you.  Meeker Sharkey & Hurley will work as an extension of your HR department by taking a 6 pronged approach (Click HERE to learn more).


Funding Strategies:

A growing number of employers have moved into alternate funding mechanisms as a way to reduce costs and improve the quality of their employee benefits plan. Meeker Sharkey & Hurley can help you decide if alternate funding options are right for you. (Click HERE to learn more)


Employee Benefits Resources /Partners – (Click HERE to learn more)

Meeker Sharkey & Hurley firmly believes proper communication creates well-informed employees which leads to educated decisions when deciding on the right plan.

Meeker Sharkey & Hurley’s service team is experienced in developing customized materials that are innovative and easy to understand.

Meeker Sharkey & Hurley will work closely with Human Resources to develop the correct strategy in promoting your employee benefits program:

  • Coordinate and participate in open enrollment meetings
  • Create open enrollment announcement letters
  • Education meetings
  • Prepare customized employee benefit materials
  • Newsletters on health/wellness topics
  • New hire orientation assistance
  • Compensation statements

Meeker Sharkey & Hurley will keep you up to date on the ever changing world of employee benefits including the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other important legislative issues and concerns.

(We will have documents of the most recent ACA reports and we would update on a regular basis)

Meeker Sharkey & Hurley will provide a first class wellness experience by customizing a wellness strategy that best fits your employee’s needs.  We’ll assist in developing a long term initiative where the goal is to improve the health of your workforce, thereby lowering demand for health care services and potentially raising productivity.

We will stay current on the industry trends, developments, legislation, practices and standards to lead the design and development of compliant wellness programs.  We will review medical data to evaluate results of the programs in relation to the programs purposes and goals and use the data to provide program improvement recommendations.

We will coordinate health fairs, lunch and learn meetings about chronic health conditions, screenings and disease management programs to help employees manage chronic conditions.

Overall, wellness programs can be a great benefit by:

  • Lowering healthcare costs
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Reduce injuries, thereby less disability and workers comp. claims
  • Higher employee productivity
  • Improved employee morale

The health insurance landscape is constantly changing and can be difficult to keep up with the laws and regulations.  Meeker Sharkey & Hurley understands you have a tremendous amount of work when it comes to protecting your business.  An in-depth compliance assessment can reveal, errors, oversights and possible violations.  Whether you need assistance with day-to-day issues, or long term strategic planning, Meeker Sharkey & Hurley is there to help.

Employee Benefits for Nonprofits

MS&H is dedicated and experienced in serving nonprofit organizations like yours. If you are trying to make a decision about your employee benefits program, let’s meet so we can learn about your organization.

Group Benefits Services

  • Group Medical InsuranceGroup medical insurance provides healthcare coverage for the employees of a group.There are various plans such as EPO’s, HMO’s POS and PPO’s and options such as HRA’s and HSA’s to help control costs.Medical is the main benefit and driving force of group employee benefits coverage.
  • Group Dental InsuranceGroup dental insurance is the 2nd most asked about benefit after medical.Dental plans are designed to promote good oral health and can be offered on an employer paid basis, or paid for by employees on a voluntary basis.
  • Group Basic Life InsuranceTerm insurance is the most common type of group life insurance and in most cases is fully paid for by the employer.
  • Short Term Disability Insurance (STD)STD protects employees if they become temporarily (for a short period of time) disabled due to sickness, or injury.The duration of benefits is usually 13, or 26 weeks.This excludes on the job injuries which are covered by Workers Compensation insurance.
  • Long Term Disability Insurance (LTD)LTD protects employees from loss of income in the event they are unable to work due to illness, or injury.LTD benefits begin after a three, or six month waiting period.Most plans cover 60% of salary depending on the contract.Benefits could continue to age 65, or Social Security retirement age.
  • Vision InsuranceA simple and highly valued benefit solution for employees.Most plans cover Exams, Lenses and Frames with manageable copays.Contact lenses coverage included in most plans.
  • Voluntary/Worksite BenefitsVoluntary/Worksite benefits are employee paid using payroll deductions.These benefits offer employees additional choices and are able to select benefits that best meet their personal needs, without impacting the employer’s budget.
  • Individual DisabilityProvides benefits replacing part of your lost income when you are unable to work due to illness, or injury.Used as additional income protection since group LTD typically does not cover bonuses, or commissions.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)FSA’s allow employees to use pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible health care expenses for the employee and his/her eligible dependents.

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