Are You Looking for a New Dental Plan?

We protect more smiles than any other dental benefits provider.

Whether you’re self-employed, transitioning from an existing dental insurance plan, retired, or just need dental coverage because your employer doesn’t offer it, we offer cost-effective choices for individuals and families.

A not-for-profit organization, we’re passionate about people and oral health. With the largest dental network in the U.S., our dental plans cover more people — individually and through company plans — and have more participating dentists than any other dental benefits insurance coverage program. With over 60 years of experience, and 62 million smiles covered in all 50 U.S. states and Puerto Rico, you can rely on Delta Dental for friendly, caring customer service, easy claims processing and easy, no-cost quotes.

Oral health is closely linked to your overall health. Dental disease can contribute to cardiovascular disease, respiratory illness, diabetes and other health issues. With regular exams and cleanings, your dentist can help identify warning signs and symptoms of these diseases, before they become larger problems.

Why do I need a dental plan?

Most benefit programs, including Delta Dental Individual and Family Plans, emphasize prevention and include incentives for receiving regular preventive care. It often costs less to prevent dental disease than to perform major restorative work later. Typically, individuals with a dental plan are more likely to visit their dentists more often, resulting in better oral health and lower treatment costs down the road.

A Dental plan works very similar to a medical insurance plan. You pay a specific monthly Premium, and are therefore entitled to certain benefits, including regular checkups, cleanings, x-rays, and certain services required to promote general dental health. Some plans will provide broader coverage and others will require a greater financial contribution on your part when services are rendered. Plans may or may not provide coverage for certain types of oral surgery, dental implants, or dentures.

What is the best dental plan for me?

Although there is no one “best” dental insurance plan, some plans may work better than others for you and your family. Plans differ primarily in how much you’ll have to pay monthly (Premium) for your coverage and how much you’ll have to pay when dental services are rendered. Some plans will require that you pay a certain co-payment for services, or meet a specific deductible before the dental plan begins payment. Other plans may limit coverage to a specific dollar-amount maximum per year.

Beside the monthly premium, below are a couple of plan attributes you should consider when choosing a dental plan.

Ask your dentist which networks he or she participates in. Chances are he or she participates in Delta Dental’s networks. Across the United States, more than 40% of dentists participate in the Delta Dental PPO network and more than 70% of dentists participate in the Delta Dental Premier® network. Delta Dental has the largest national network which means you’ll find quality dental care wherever you are. Do keep in mind that in order to maximize your benefits, visiting a Delta Dental PPO provider may be the best choice.

When comparing plans, you should consider the annual maximum, the deductible, any waiting periods, and what services are covered. We know the importance of preventive dental care and offer plans with low out-of-pocket costs for these procedures.