Commercial Automobile

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Your Business Vehicles and Those Who Drive Them Keep Your Business Going.

Transportation is often vital to businesses, but is also an area that can impose a tremendous amount of risk.  For instance, in recent trends, courts have awarded substantial settlements against businesses for suits arising out of accidents where employees were found to be texting while driving. If you or your staff members get behind the wheel, your Commercial Automobile insurance can help protect your business financially in the event of an incident on the road.

Who Needs Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

  • Any business with vehicles registered in the company name
  • Any business where staff travels, either to meet with clients, make deliveries, or transport goods
  • Freight companies and other businesses that use commercial trucks
  • Limo services, taxi services, bus companies and other transportation services

The risks associated with commercial use of a vehicle, whether it is personally owned or company owned, often call for higher policy limits and more specialized policy provisions.

If you or your staff members use a vehicle for commercial purposes, a Commercial Automobile policy is essential, as your standard personal auto policy typically will not extend to cover your business-related use of that vehicle.

Do YOU Need Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

In some cases, the need for a Commercial Automobile policy is obvious. For example, if you have a delivery service, limousine service, or a restaurant that delivers food, you know for certain that your business takes on risk each time you or a staff member drives one of your vehicles.

But there are more subtle scenarios where Commercial Automobile insurance is concerned. For instance, if you staff travels in their own vehicles while on business for your organization (how often do your employees run out to the bank or to grab supplies, etc.), then Hired & Non-Owned Automobile Liability may be needed. Does your company employ outside salespersons? If so, you have Commercial Automobile exposure.

If you or your staff uses ANY vehicle for your business purposes, it definitely pays to speak with an agent who understands both Personal and Commercial Automobile insurance so we can make sure you have the right coverage in place to protect you.


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