Employee Benefits for Nonprofits

MS&H Employee Benefits Programs address the issues faced by nonprofits.

As a Nonprofit Insurance Specialist, Meeker Sharkey & Hurley (MS&H) knows that nonprofits have issues including tight budgets, demands on HR staff resources, plus recruiting and retaining employees.  That’s why MS&H has a dedicated nonprofit employee benefits department to help you control costs, reduce your workload, and engage employees.

We don’t just say we are committed to nonprofits – Our actions prove it.

Our staff members serve on several Nonprofit Association Boards, and they actively support our nonprofit clients with fundraising efforts.  MS&H provides employee paid time off to support our clients’ volunteer efforts.  We were recognized by Insurance Business Magazine as “US Specialty Nonprofit Broker of the Year.”

We know you need a good benefits program, but you also need to watch your budget.

Benefits are among your nonprofit’s biggest expenses.  We work with multiple carriers to shop and negotiate rates.  But, it is just as important to reduce other expensive program management costs.


Here are some of the many ways we help you save employee benefit dollars:

  • Collective buying power as members of United Benefit Advisors – the nation’s leading organization of independent benefit advisors.
  • Alternate funding to reduce costs.
  • Wellness programs.
  • Group medical insurance plans.
  • Benchmarking to help you strategically manage costs.
  • Prescription costs are 30% of your benefit expenses.  To help reduce your costs we analyze your prescription utilization and develop a program based on your organization’s results.  We also help your employees and your organization save money through access to national pharmacy networks and significant discounts.

Managing employee benefits is time consuming and stressful.

By adding Management Tools and our support network, we make managing your benefits program easier and cost effective:

  • Quarterly meetings to review carrier claims and their financial impact.
  • We manage vendor services to be sure you are getting the support you need.
  • Free Ease Central portal lets employees access HR Information online 24/7.
  • Employee Concierge Service is available 24/7.

MS&H handles employee benefit issues, so you can focus on other demands.

Our staff intervenes on your behalf when a problem arises, and serves as your trusted advisor to help you make decisions.  In addition, MS&H works with you to evaluate your plan’s access, service and price.

We are here to help!

MS&H is dedicated and experienced in serving nonprofit organizations like yours. If you are trying to make a decision about your employee benefits program, let’s meet so we can learn about your organization.